The TIndex suggestion box

I have big plans for the TIndex but I’m also keen to hear any suggestions you may have.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Links to articles you think should be on the TIndex are welcome though I’ll publish them on the actual site rather than here.


Ever wondered what they’re saying in those Russian Delphi blogs

One of the questions I asked myself while compiling the TIndex was what to do about content that isn’t in English. Should I include Google Translate links?

I decided no, the automated translations just weren’t up to the level of quality writing I’d set for the TIndex.

That’s a shame though because there’s a whole other world of Delphi content out there or so I’m led to believe 😉

So what about if the community built on those Google Translations and made them as good as articles written by native speakers.

That’s what TIndex Translations will be all about. Community members taking Google translated blog posts from other international community members, improving those translations and then posting the translated articles at (all with the original authors consent of course).

I’m not just talking translating content into English though. I’d like to see articles translated from German to Russian, Portuguese to French, English into Dutch, English into Klingon if you’re really bored.

So what has to happen for this to get off the ground. The new TIndex Translations blog is set up and ready (cosmetic improvements to come), we’re just waiting for

  1. Bloggers who would like their content translated
  2. Translators who are willing to translate articles into their language.

If you’re interested in participating in TIndex Translations as a blogger or a translator leave your details as a comment either here or over at the new blog.

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Guide for newcomers to Delphi

I was prompted by this question on the Embarcadero forums to create a Learning Delphi page on the TIndex.

I am new to Delphi & want to know good resources for learning to use it. Is there a list of good Delphi learning resources (books/online tutorials) somewhere?

The idea is to give Delphi newcomers the general overview of what you have to learn to become a Delphi programmer and then point them in the direction of resources they can use to learn those specific skills.

It’s a real work in progress so I’m not linking to it from the main site as yet. If you have any suggestions for sites to link to feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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The TIndex v1.5 has just gone live

With hundreds of new links and a site redesign to separate topics into individual pages I’m pleased to announce The TIndex v1.5 is now live.

Stay tuned, I’ve still got plenty more I plan to do with the site.

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The TIndex v1.5 is now in beta

I’ve just uploaded a beta version of the next generation of the TIndex site. It’s still a long way from where I want to take the site to eventually but for now it will do as a stop gap solution.

The previous format organising everything by Delphi version was causing the information for features to become too fragmented across different pages.  This new layout should keep all the information on a particular topic together.

Let me know if you think this is an improvement or not. I’ll be promoting this to the main site sometime tomorrow after incorporating any feedback I get.

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All known XE2 links posted

Over the weekend I caught up and added all the XE2 links from the final few months before XE3 was released.

I’d like to think that the TIndex XE2 section now represents the most comprehensive reference available for XE2 users outside of the Delphi Documentation itself.

Of course most of the credit must go to the bloggers who wrote the articles that the TIndex merely links to. Thanks very much fellas, it’s your hard work and a desire to see it made easily accessible to everyone that inspired me to make the TIndex in the first place.

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TIndex XE3 section

I’ve just uploaded the first batch of XE3 related links.

I was quite surprised how much good content has appeared so soon after the XE3 release.

I’m still a few months behind with XE2 material, I’ll try to catch it up over the next month.

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A few weeks ago I was invited to join the new Embarcadero Community Evangelist program primarily as a result of my work here on The TIndex but also my work with ADUG (both online and off).

As it turned out I was already fulfilling most of the requirements of the program between the TIndex site, the ADUG Members Blog and my regular presentations at Sydney ADUG meetings so thought I may as well enjoy the benefits of the program. These benefits aren’t massive but they will save me a few dollars each year and should definitely help me contribute more to the Delphi community.

I had some concerns that signing on to this program would mean I would be prohibited from criticising Embarcadero but I was assured this wasn’t the case and the example of some existing technology partners was given to me. Of course everything has its limits but if I had nothing but consistently negative criticisms to make of Embarcadero I think I’d probably voluntarily resign from the program and most likely change development tools as well.

My approach as Community Evangelist will be the same as it has always been. I’ll talk about the parts of Delphi that I like and use and for the most part ignore the parts I don’t. That might sound a bit one-sided but I’m not and never have been a reviewer. I want to help you explore the best parts of Delphi not waste my time with features that might still be underdone. Ask me my opinion on those features though and I’ll give you an honest answer.

So consider yourself evangelised 😉

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Sorry I’ve been away

…but I had a good excuse (and further apologies to Nick Hodges 😉 )

David I has just given the TIndex a great plug so I’d better get back into action though.

I’ve started with a very quick update to the FireMonkey page with a special feature of links to Jason Southwell’s NakeyMonkey crowd sourcing effort. There’s currently no advertising on the TIndex but Jason is doing something interesting and different and I thought it was worth bringing to your attention.

I’ll start going through the backlog of new articles from the past few months over the weekend, provided the littlest Delphi programmer lets me. 😉

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New links for March just added

I’ve just added around 30 new links. There were quite a few articles for VCL Styles and DataSnap this time around.


24 hours of Delphi added

I’ve added the more interesting downloads from David I’s recent 24 hours of Delphi broadcast to the relevant sections of the TIndex.

These files are huge though, up to almost 400MB in size so be aware of that before you download them (they won’t stream).

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